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Digital Beauties

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TASCHEN goes digital! The first book in our groundbreaking new series on digital culture focuses on beauty and the cutting-edge computer generated female characters. Whereas most books on digital creation concentrate on technique and include detailed 'how-tos,' Digital Beauties is all about exploring the artistic achievements of today's best designers without a lot of complicated technical jargon. Here you'll discover a host of digital beauties from all around the world and a dizzying array of styles and techniques - moody black-and-white nudes, surreal portraits, Lara Croft-style adventure chicks, sleek ultra-futuristic babes, etc Both 2D and 3D design are covered, so stunningly lifelike it's hard to believe they're 100% computer generated. In an age of virtual characters, you'll soon be coming across these characters in the future, on TV and film; one such example is Steven Stahlberg's lovely Webbie Tookay, the first virtual model to sign with Elite Digital Models. - Over 100 artists from all around the world, with biographical and contact information and samples of their best work - Inspirational approach with stylistic advice for amateur creators - Stunning graphics
Ficha técnica
Código 734
Código de barras 9783822816288
Categoria Arte
Especificações Técnicas
  • ISBN: 9783822816288
  • Editora: Taschen
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Dimensões: 24,9 x 19,6 x 3,9 cm
  • Páginas: 572
  • Encadernação: Brochura
  • Ano de Edição: 2001
  • Autor(a): Wiedemann, Julius

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